A showcase is the face of a store, its indispensable business card. Looking at her, she must leave an unforgettable impression and a desire to look inside.

A showcase decorated with taste increases the number of customers and visitors, which leads to incredible success. It is important not to forget about the individual approach, which will emphasize the highlight of the company or location.

It is possible to attract the attention of customers thanks to full-color prints on film, banners, self-adhesive films, volume letters and figures made of polystyrene foam, applications, signs, lightboxes.

Showcases should be decorated seasonally. Various accessories in the form of foliage, snowflakes, flowers, seashells and sand, letters made of polystyrene, mannequins can contribute to this. Also, a special effect is obtained from plotter film and gluing the film to store windows. A showcase is a “beacon” that informs customers about a promotion and new collections.

You can paste it with film or stickers and make a showcase: in different stores, in exhibition complexes, in pavilions, in office premises and at retail outlets. We have a large selection of stickers. They can be glued to plastic, glass and metal surfaces. They are also used in room decor. But a vivid and memorable fragment in the visitor's memory will remain self-adhesive or paper murals on which information can be found.

Showcases and film oracle

The spirit of the holiday and the correspondingly decorated shop windows can be met on New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, March 8 and the day of knowledge. We will be able to arrange the sticking individually for you. You can provide us with your sketches and layouts.

One of the most common, budget and very impressionable options in window dressing is to decorate a window with a film. Drawings of various shapes, colors and sizes from vinyl film can be easily applied and removed from store windows.

Showcases can be decorated with glued oracal, and the decoration of the room can be done using foam products. They are for any subject and holiday.

You can decorate with voluminous figures and letters made of polystyrene in shop windows and facades.

Showcases and film oracle

Working with the film, we are responsible for its quality. Our printing equipment can allow you to print on an oracal juicy and vivid picture of high resolution.

We have different films:

  • sandblasting films,
  • translucent,
  • stained glass,
  • metallized,
  • illumination.

A variety of color palette of films gives us the opportunity to realize your ideas and design the "face" of your store with a refined taste.

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